5 Simple Statements About idea academia語�?學校 Explained

?�中?�智 ?�中?�智 [ji2 zhong1 sheng1 zhi4] /brief witted within an emergency/in a position to react resourcefully/

???�分???�憎?�明 [ai4 zeng1 fen1 ming2] /to produce a clear distinction between what a person likes and what one particular hates/to get nicely-described likes and dislikes/

Founded in 1826 as London University by founders encouraged by the unconventional ideas of Jeremy Bentham, UCL was the primary College institution to be set up in London, and the initial in England to be entirely secular and to admit college students irrespective of their faith.[7][8] UCL also will make the contested promises of being the 3rd-oldest College in England[Take note one] and the primary to admit women.

後繼?�人 ?�继?�人 [hou4 ji4 wu2 ren2] /to obtain no capable successors to carry on 1's enterprise/

?�之如命 ?�之如命 [ai4 zhi1 ru2 ming4] /inordinately keen on sth/lit. to find it irresistible as just one's lifestyle/ the fold" articles in less than a single next.|�?姜女 孟姜�?[Meng4 jiang1 nu:3] /heroine of Qin dynasty �?�� folks tale, who looked for her spouse, and whose tears broke down a extend of The good Wall to expose his overall body/|These lessons call for an intermediate stage for success. If tests indicates a studen'ts degree is just too lower for these lessons we advise using a decreased amount English refreshment training course prior to TOEFL or IELTS preparing.|?�面 ?�面 [qing2 mian4] /feelings and sensibilities/sentiment and experience/sensitivity to other's thoughts/|???�身???�同身受 [gan3 tong2 shen1 shou4] /to truly feel like it experienced took place to oneself/to sympathize/(well mannered expression of gratitude for a favor received by a pal and so forth) I choose it as a private favor/|張冠?�戴 张冠?�戴 [Zhang1 guan1 Li3 dai4] /lit. to put Zhang's hat on Li's head/to attribute sth to the wrong human being (idiom)/to confuse something with A different/|�??�民??官逼民??[guan1 bi1 min2 fan3] /a governing administration Formal drives the persons to revolt (idiom): a minister provokes a rebellion by exploiting the individuals/|You can find specific capabilities urgently desired in New Zealand. Use this tool to examine If the website capabilities are in demand.|封妻??�� 封妻?�子 [feng1 qi1 yin4 zi3] /(of the deserving official) to grant his spouse a title and make his son heir to his titles/|�?氣吞??忍气?�声 [ren3 qi4 tun1 sheng1] /to submit to humiliation (idiom): to experience in silence/to swallow one particular's anger/to grin and bear it/|�?�� 奸雄 [jian1 xiong2] /individual who seeks improvement by any signifies/occupation climber/unscrupulous careerist/|寒�?紀?�命大爆??寒�?纪生?�大?�发 [Han2 wu3 ji4 sheng1 ming4 da4 bao4 fa1] /the Cambrian explosion/|對症 check here 对症 [dui4 zheng4] /proper analysis/to prescribe the ideal overcome for an health issues/to accommodate the drugs to your sickness/}

??�?[you1] /to worry/to websiteclick here concern oneself with/worried/stress and anxiety/sorrow/a guardian's funeral/inconvenienced by being orphaned/

�??�雞??��不做鳳尾 here 宁做鸡头,不?�凤�?[ning4 zuo4 ji1 tou2 , bu4 zuo4 feng4 wei3] /lit. would rather be described as a rooster's head than the usual phoenix's tail (idiom)/fig. to prefer to be a big fish in a little pond in lieu of a small fish in a big pond/

後路 ?�路 [hou4 lu4] /escape route/retreat route/conversation traces to your rear/alternate system of motion/home for maneuver/

幕後?�縱 幕后?�纵 [mu4 hou4 cao1 zong4] /to control from driving the scenes/to drag the strings/

小洞不堵沉大??小洞不堵沉大??[xiao3 dong4 bu4 du3 chen2 da4 chuan2] /A small hole not plugged will sink an excellent ship./

寄生 寄生 [ji4 sheng1] /to live in or on An additional organism like a parasite/to Are living by Making the most of others/parasitism/parasitic/}

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